As soon as the last employee walked out the door, my personal playtime began. I shimmed out of my jeans and thong, hoping you’d be online. I wanted to play with you so badly today, I wanted to watch you play. I sat for a moment enjoying the peace, fingers lazily rubbing my clit while I logged on, feeling my wetness that had been lingering there all day. As soon as I’d start to write this out, someone would be in my office and I had to put this on the backburner, all day in my mind, various storylines started and then stopped, frustration coursing through my being. I longed to be able to stick my fingers in my pussy but alas I had to wait and wait and wait. And so I sit here now, lazily playing with my clit, running my fingers up and down my swollen pussy, the rabbit standing by, ready for some action. My shirt and bra need to be taken out, I stop for a moment and pull my tshirt over my head and unhook my bra, my hands grabbing both breasts and kneading, fondling my nipples, squeezing and pulling, pinching harder and harder, bringing my nipples closer and closer to my tongue, almost but not quite can I lick my own nipples, imaging your teeth biting them hard and pulling them between your teeth, using a piece of ice to stimulate the feeling of a tongue brushing up against my harden nipples, my breast just seem to sensitive and round and firm today, I just want to feel them roughly played with, feel your hands on them. I know its only a fantasy that you’ll ever touch them but its all I got is my imagination today and the thought you of fucking my breasts with your hands is making me wetter. I leave my breasts alone for a moment, while I lazily move the ice down between my breasts, down my belly to my clit and imagine its your tongue bitting and nipping while I slowly put my rabbit in my pussy, my very very wet pussy, slowly turning the vibe on, level 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, as one finger lubricates my ass with my sweet nectar, don’t you wish you could taste it right now? Yum.

I ask what you are wearing, do you realize how much I want you to want to watch me play? I’m so willing and able to turn on the webcam for you right now for your own private pleasure and yet you don’t even ask and so I start to tell you what I’m imagining, I’m imagining you watching me while I watch you while I put the vibe in my ass but instead I hold the vibe with one hand and put one finger in my ass, then two while my other hand is around my neck, squeezing my throat. I don’t know what it is today but I have this desire to feel a hand around my throat while getting fucked and I imagine you cumming on my ass or cumming on my breasts, all over me while I watch but don’t touch. My mouth waters in anticpation.

I don’t know if it was the porn playing in the background or the thought of you sitting your green polka dotted boxers or my hand around my neck or just the thought you watching me while I watch you or the thought of watching you masturbate, seeing your precum at the top of your hard cock and imaging licking it off that made me want to put the vibe on level 10 right against my clit, pushing at the desk for leverage, fingers in my ass that caused that amazing explosive orgasm that has left me shivering, shaking and still so utterly wet.

I don’t know whether to go take a nap or just play again until I cum.

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