no touching the display

Everytime she saw him with his shirt off, she wanted to push him against the railing and run her teeth over his nipples, slide her hands down his belly and unbutton his jeans. She wanted to take his hard cock in her mouth right there and suck and lick to her hearts content but she could only watch and imagine because he had a no touching policy. It was like he was a display in a candy store and if she touched she might melt him. Her body twitched at the slight contact they had, her mouth watered at the thought of watching him masturbate, the slight wetness between her legs kept her thoughts from concentrating at the task at hand. She never quite got anything done while he was around and yet she worked madly at all her tasks, savoring the glimpse of his skin. She wanted to see more, she wondered what they could do without touching, an erotic pleasure of non touching one another made her imagination wander to new heights.

She wanted to paint him, cover his body in bodypaint with a paint brush, that wasn’t touching, only the paint brush would be touching his body. She wanted to paint swirls around his nipples, brush the brush against his cock, his ass and then have him lie down on a drop cloth to capture the image.

Wonder how else she could not touch?

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