Thank you. Omg that was so intense. I was walking to the bedroom to get changed, my robe barely covering my ass, I didn’t notice him behind me so intently trying to figure out what I was going to wear that day, my mind thinking about too many things at once per usual. He pushed me against the wall and grabbed my neck almost like he couldn’t take it anymore, that look on my face that I just wanted to fuck him and fuck him hard. He didn’t give me a chance to react, to think before he pushed me into the bedroom and pushed me down on my knees, my bare ass sticking up in the air and before I knew it, his hard cock was pushing its way into my ass, harder, deeper, in and out, oh yea baby fuck me, fuck me harder. It like he was punishing me for all those attempts to seduce him and I wasn’t protesting. His fingers found my clit and started to pinch and pull at it, tweaking it hard, I was so wet and so close, I wanted to feel his hard cock in my pussy but he was holding me down with his weight, face down in the bed, I could barely think, let alone talk. Just as I about to cum, he pulled out. Oh no, don’t stop! He pulled me up and flipped me over, finding my nipples with his teeth, he bit them hard, his hard cock slide into my soaked pussy and his hands grabbed my neck, while my hands finally free slide down his ass, pulling him deeper into me, my fingers finding his ass and playing with it finally. Between his hard cock driving deeper and harder into my pussy and his teeth on my nipples, my fingers playing were they had been wanting to go for such a long time and his hands around my neck, I was pushed over the edge, hot and sweaty, I came in uncontrollable wave of sheer ectasy.

oh yea baby fuck me hard.

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