Touch me

I need you to touch me. I crave your touch. Is touching me off-limits? I know touching you is off-limts. Do you want to touch?

Next time you walk into the room when I’m getting dressed, come closer, alot closer. Put your hands on my breasts and touch me. Hold my breasts with your hands, squeeze my nipples with your thumbs, fondle my breasts. Touch me.

I’d love to feel your teeth on my nipples and your lips sucking my breasts. I’d love for you to cup my pussy with your hand and insert a finger or two and finger fuck me but that might be a little too much touching, a little too far beyond just touching.

Touch me.

2 Responses to “Touch me”

  1. Ben says:


    Check it out! its free


  2. breve says:

    must say that I am enjoying your lusty blogs…hope you don’t mind the voyeurism;)

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