We walk into the studio, I want to show you where the lights will be and where I need the cable attached. “what’s the cable for?”

“Since this place has so many windows, sometimes, I’m going to want a little privacy when other people are going to be working in the house, so I thought I’d put curtains on a cable to pull close occasionally but let the air in.”

“Privacy for what?”

“Something like this.” I turn around and push you against the unfinished wall, push your hands up behind your head and lean against you, “am I invading your space again?” I ask breathlessly, a hint of mischeviousness, kissing you deeply. I can’t handle this watching, no touching policy anymore, I want you. I realized I want you, no one else and I don’t want to play games anymore.

My hands move down your chest, omg, finally touching your chest, your skin. I can feel your hard cock beneath your jeans, I want them off but we’re still exposed and as much as I like being on the verge of being caught, I don’t want to be caught by my employees, I want you to myself.

Its a muddle mess of hands touching each other exploring each other for the first time, touching and kissing each other for the first time, an urgent need to satisfy each other after months and months of frustrating just watching, no touching. You reach under my shirt and squeeze my breasts in your hands…..

**side note** author is having a smidgen of writer’s block..will continue the story soon

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