Its been awhile since I’ve posted here but alot of changes since July, my sexy muse – she quietly escape for a hiatus of sorts but she’s back. There is a new enchantment waiting to hatch and yet writing about this new one seems to be providing quite a difficult task, its not that i’m not completely and utterly turned on by him because I am but I think there is quite a bit of exploration to be done before the words can escape my mind, my sexy muse is slowly waking up or maybe she’s just waiting for me to move forward to the new layout/location…she waits with bated breath as does my soul.

Yearning for more yet waiting patiently in the wings, she sits upon the door of the stars, gathering her dust to spread beneath the wind, the sun and the moon for sleep she will dream of her inspiration, by day and night she will experience her desires, feel his touch.

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