a few shorts

had a smidgen of writers block but I think my muse maybe has found her way back….and so a new chapter of lust and love for the kinky has began again…a few shorts if you will

As I watched you watching me, its the way you watch me with complete lust in your eyes. You want to touch, I know you do, the way your eyes dance over my body and to my very wet pussy. The way you smile when feigning something in the back room just to watch me dress, how many times did you forget something in that room. And I love watching you, watching your hard cock in your hands, wanting so much to sit up, grab you and taste your hard cock, lick it, put it down my throat and suck til my hearts content. And the other day, I can’t get that out of my head, when you put your hands on your ass and started to play with your ass, I came right there and its making me so wet thinking about you playing with your ass. I want to play with your ass, I want you stripped and down on your knees with your ass in the air, I want to fuck you from behind, feel my fingers in your ass til your coming hard and fast.

Omg, you are awesome, 5 times in one night, I want to know your kinkiness, what are your fetishes, your secret desires. Do you like your ass played with? Have you ever had your ass fucked? Everytime you went down on me, to lick and finger fuck me, I wanted you to slide your fingers a little further and titlate my ass just a little. Everytime you moved into position to let me suck your hard cock, my arm and fingers were inches from your ass, I wanted to play there but I wasn’t sure if you’d like it or not. I like my clit bitten just a little not too hard but enough, use your teeth babe. And most of all, I want to feel your hard cock in my ass. Do you like anal sex?

And last but not least, I haven’t forgotten about you, its hard to give someone specs on what will happen when I don’t know what will happen. When we meet for the first time, I want you naked and lying on your bed. I want to watch first, watch you stroke your hard cock with one hand and I want your other hand playing with your ass, I want to watch you for a little while, don’t worry, I will touch you, lick your hard cock, taste your precum and fuck your ass, I’ve been waiting for the chance for someone to let me fuck them completely.

Author is extremely wet and horny now, one finger is on my clit, rubbing furiously, i am so wet, mmm, tastes good, feeling my ass slowly, I need more, I need to feel a hard cock in my ass, faster, harder, omgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, yessssssssssssss

2 thoughts on “a few shorts”

  1. Yummy!

    Nothing better to cause an erection than a woman’s nasty talk about ass play- her and his.

    This treat makes my trousers stiffen as I read at work- thankfully I can use a stack of paers to cover my hardon if I have to walk down the hall. Too often, I involuntarily stroke myself as I read your prose. Keep it cumming!

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