crazy idea, maybe

I like girls, I don’t just like girls, I LIKE GIRLS! The thought of kissing a girl, feeling her tits in my hands, rubbing her clit, licking her wet pussy totally turns me on and yet I’ve only explored that avenue once when in high school and it was an weird moment. So I’m trying again, I have a date next week with a girl. Now don’t get me wrong, I still love men and would never give up having a hard cock in my pussy or my ass but I have this fantasy about this girl that I see every other week, her tits are so hard and perky, I would love to hold them, squeeze her nipples, slide my hand down her pants and rub her hard little clit until she was screaming for mercy but I doubt she’s into that….so the date with girl, I’ll tell you how that goes….until then, sweet naughty dreams

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