I need to feel his ass

Not sure how to explain exactly what I want but I do know that I need it, i need to feel his hard cock in my mouth while I play with his ass. I want him to strip naked and be on top while we 69, I want his ass within reach and his hard cock in my mouth. I want him to fuck me with his tongue and fingers in my pussy and my ass and while he’s fucking me with his tongue, biting my clit, I want to run my fingers down his ass and slowly, teasing insert one then two and maybe three fingers in his ass, I want to tease him slowly and make him cum when I want him to come, although maybe we’ll need the cock ring unless he can hold out.

I NEED to PLAY with his ass. I NEED release, texting back and forth when he’s fucking himself in my bed and then no nudity the next day, makes for a very horny frustrated girl. The shower massager is nice and all and I know he likes listening and the toys are great but a girl needs to feel the sensation of his ass in her hands.

And next time I say take a pic, that means take the pic and send it to me!!

I’m wondering if I could tie him up in the position? Another story..soon

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