He’s looking for something else

I was sitting in the darkened corner of the bar with a couple of friends, Mike and Jason. Jason was on the prowl tonight for something special leaning over the couch, looking down my shirt, sticking his ass in the air, waiting for just the right person to catch his attention, his manner was nonchalant about the whole prospective of finding just the right guy for his night of fun. I must
have gasped and Jason followed my line of sight to you. You were looking for something tonight and it wasn’t a girl, you were looking to play dirty. You had on my favorite jeans with just the right rip in just the wrong spot. Jason asked, “you know him?”

“uh huh”, I couldnt take my eyes off of you.

“Oh, ” Jason sounded disappointed, “he’s into girls, then nevermind.”

“Wait”, I said, “he likes both and tonight he’s not looking for girls, watch how he looks right past them or shakes his head when one approaches, he’s looking for something else tonight. You’re interested, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but aren’t you? What’s he doing here if he’s looking for something else?”

“You’re here. Of course I’m into him. Damn that’s making me wet just thinking about you fucking him and me playing with both of you.”

“What’s his name?”

Jason walked over to you and nonchalantly stood behind you, reach around you and set his beer down, grazing your ass with his hand, whispered in your name in his ear and ask to join us in the back. I thought you were going to jump out of your pants but you followed Jason back to the couches. You looked surprised when you saw me sitting there but it was a quick flash in your eyes and nothing else. I could tell you were getting hard and Jason wasn’t that far behind. Mike was sitting on the other side of me, his hand on my knee. Jason sat down on the other side of me and motioned for you to sit down next to him. Jason ran his hand down your leg and back up again, grazing you cock slightly…we sat there for a while barely talking, I didn’t know how much longer either you or Jason could contain yourselves when Jason stood up and put his hand out to pull you up, saying it was time to go upstairs. Jason walked to the back of the club, unlocked the door and motioned you inside. Before Jason went through the door, I whispered in his ear, “he likes to be dominanted.”

Jason looked at me with a quick gleam in his eye and said “baby, what have you been up to while i was away.”

“oh nothing,” I said innocently.

Jason could barely wait once he got you inside his place, he couldn’t wait to feel his hard cock in your ass. He pushed you up against the wall and stuck his tongue in your mouth, his hands exploring your hard body, your hard cock. You wanted him as much as he wanted you, you had been wanting him all night.

“Really, you couldnt wait til you got him upstairs to the playroom?” As Mike and I pushed past you and Jason. We thought Jason might take you right there on the stairs.

Jason’s playroom was amazing, it was his bedroom but it was decandant and rich and subtle in his sexual desires. The leather and hooks on the walls to hold you just the right position softly.

He grabbed your hands and pulled you towards his playroom, once inside, he didn’t waste much time, he pinned you against the wall with one hand and undid your jeans with his other, sliding your pants and boxers to the floor, pulling out your hard cock, stroking you expertly, just right but not enough to make you come. From the air it seemed like, he slipped a cock ring on your hard cock just to make sure, he wanted you hard until he was ready. He released your hands and they feel limp at your sides. Moving down your body, slowly, he took your hard cock in his mouth while he got you to step out of your clothes, he wanted you naked, aching and needing more.

He quietly whispered to you to get on your knees on the bed, he wanted you now. He grabbed the lube off the dresser and dribbled it down your ass, he knew that he should be gentle but he couldn’t wait, he couldn’t wait for anything, your hard muscler blond body was making him hard and horny and when he got you on your knees, your ass was begging for his hard cock. He stroked himself a little with the lube and entered your ass forcibly, rocking you forward in surprise and begging for more. Pulling back slowly and savoring the moment, he fucks you
slowly, gently, not wanting to come just yet.

Mike and I have figured we’ve given Jason enough time alone with you. We walk into the bedroom naked surprising you and ask Jason, “what you couldnt wait for us?” I walk around to Jason and give him a deep kiss while he’s fucking your ass and rub his back, fingering my pussy. Mike pulls me back from Jason and pushes me down on the bed, manevuring me close to your hard cock and pushes his hard cock into my wet pussy. Fucking me slowly, yet deeper and deeper matching Jason’s strokes into your ass, they create a rhythm of sexual music in the playroom, as I suck on your hard cock, finally tasting every single inch of you. As I cum in a wave of orgasm, shaking from the sexual overload, you cum down my throat, Mike pulls out of me and forces his hard cock down your throat and Jason finally unable to contain himself anymore cums in your ass, as Mike cums all over your face.

Lying there in a heap of sweaty, hot bodies, Jason leans over and kisses you tasting Mike and mine cum mingled and sighs, whispering, “I’ve guess you’ve met my wife.”

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