nailing it down

I’ve promised this story for quite awhile now but as you know life takes twists and turns and I just haven’t nailed down the characters or the plot quite yet and I was thinking about posting this one on the new site but that seems to be in the future, so for now, a sneak preview of the new story coming soon, seriously its cumming soon….havent yet quite figured out the title either
~~~~~~~~~~~Sneak Preview of new story ~~~~

I was sitting in the darkened corner of the bar with a few friends, Tony, Pat and Jason. Jason was on the prowl tonight for something special leaning over the couch, sticking his ass in the air, waiting for just the right person to catch his attention, his manner was nonchalant about the whole prospective of finding just the right guy for his night of fun. I must have gasped and Jason followed my line of sight to you. You were looking for something tonight and it wasn’t a girl, you were looking to play dirty. You had on my favorite jeans with just the right rip in just the wrong spot. Jason asked, “you know him?”

“uh huh”, I couldnt take my eyes off of you.

“Oh, ” Jason sounded disappointed, “he’s into girls, then nevermind.”

“Wait”, I said, “he likes both and tonight he’s not looking for girls, watch how he looks right past them or shakes his head when one approaches, he’s looking for something else tonight. You’re interested, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but aren’t you? What’s he doing here if he’s looking for something else?”

“You’re here. Of course I’m into him. Damn that’s making me wet just thinking about you fucking him and me playing with both of you. But what about Pat, what am I going to do with him?”

“Pat’s into you, he’ll play along. What’s his name?”

Jason walked over to you and nonchalantly stood behind you, reach around you and set his beer down, grazing your ass with his hand, whispered in your name in his ear and ask to join us in the back. I thought you were going to jump out of your pants but you followed Jason back to the couches, quietly and submissively. You looked surprised when you saw me sitting there but it was a quick flash in your eyes and nothing else. I could tell you were getting hard and Jason wasn’t that far behind. Pat was being shy but a few more drinks and he might loosen up. Jason sat down beside you and ran his hand down your leg and back up again, grazing you cock slightly…

now, see I’m thinking I have too many characters going and what happens next, how do we all end up in the bedroom, maybe I’m overthinking this, but this one needs to be something more, something sweeter, dirtier, something ?

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