a sneak preview

You are working on the flooring as I walk by in my short short pink robe, the one I know you like. The one that I wear to tempt you into touching me but you never do. I can’t never tell by your expression what you’re thinking, do you want to touch, will you touch? I walk into the room to ask you a question and catch you staring up my robe. I think to myself, is he finally going to do something about it or do I just finally be agressive with him. I’m wet from thinking of your tongue in my pussy, your teeth on my clit and I just decide to be dominate. I push you up against the wall on your knees grinding my pussy into your mouth, not asking, not telling, not joking around, just finally doing it.  I feel your hands tentatively on my ass pulling me closer, your tongue exploring my pussy like savoring the delicate taste of a sweet dessert with the unexpected nuances of lavendar and honey,  slowly licking and drinking my luscious nectar, an unexpected treat. Unexpected tenderness, I expected roughness from you………more to come soon

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