its been awhile but I can’t stop thinking about you now. It was bound to be awkward after no intimacy for almost a year, I was unprepared for you, don’t get me wrong, I wanted you! I’ve wanted you since the beginning, but I’m out of practice in more ways than one. And you always seem to sneak up on me, which gets my heart racing, I have no idea why I never realize you’re in a room until you’re staring at me.┬áI’ve wanted to feel your hard cock enter me and slowly dance until we were hot and sweaty, feeling you come deep inside me. ┬áReminds me of a song, you’re a cool drink of water that only comes out at night. The story isn’t over, there’s more still to be discovered. I want to find you in a darken doorway, push you up against a wall and tease you just a little bit before you get naked. I want to feel the excitement building up inside you, the power building up between us. I want to feel your tight ass in my hands, I want to be in control of you….