All I need is a good f*ck

I came across this article on elephant journal and I have to agree with the author for the most part, the little things are easy to take care of and i agree I could take care of myself but its not the same as that physical connection with a partner and I’ve come to realize what I really really need and I’ve been missing in my life: a hot, sweaty, rapturous f*ck every once in a while, preferably more often than not.

C = hint hint




252-getting you home

This is a four part series, check back nightly for the next installment
I enter through your front door, hoping that you’re not in the living room, that you are lying in your bed sound asleep. I want to prepare your brown leather couch with the restraints and lay out all the tools before I awake you and by tools, I mean toys. I slowly cautiously come into your apartment and check the living room, nope, not in there. I check my surroundings and check your bedroom, not in there either, hmm, I wonder where you are? I send you a text and ask where you are at, you tell me you’re at wellshots with friends.

Change of plans, we need to get you home, you could be out all night. While Christian and Sam keep a lookout, I run the restraints under the bed and secure the loops on the top and bottom of the bed and push them just out of reach so you don’t notice it when you get home. I go back to the living room and lay out the toys, one by one, the little blue vibe, the orange toy, the oil, the candle. I wish I had more time but I don’t know when you’re going to show up. I take the rest of the toys and duffel bag back to the bedroom. Still not home.

We heads over to wellshots. Immediately upon arriving, Christian spots you in the crowd, after grabbing a beer, makes his way over to you, like he knows you. You glance at him, appreciate his body and then turn around. You’re with friends and no one knows your preferences. Sam and I hang back, lets see if Christian can get your attention again. Christian brushes up against you but you don’t bite, you don’t even turn around. Christian walks away. You turn around checking him out. You smile. My turn.  I move in closer, weaving my way through the crowd, I put my hand on the small of your back, lean in close so my tits are gently brushing up against you, you turn around, surprised to see me. I whisper in your ear that I have a surprise for you if you just would follow me outside.

You excuse yourself from your friends and follow me outside, Christian is leaning against the outside of the building in the shadows looking nonchalantly gorgeous tall, clean cut tousled dark brown thick hair with beautiful green eyes, his trousers sit on his hips just right, clean crisp white shirt hugging his trim muscular body. Christian walks slowly over to you and whispers into your ear that he wants to take you home, feel your hard cock in his ass and feel your lips wrapped around his hard cock. He runs his hand down your body, sending shivers down your spine. You look at me and then back at him. You tell us you’ll be right back.


bearded man

So many fantasies have popped into my head, second thought I thinking you with a beard could be very tantalizing. You need to stay longer next time, I want to explore all of you all night long into the wee morning hours and the orange toy will make an appearance. I can’t even think straight, I’m imaging your between my legs pushing the toy in and out of my ass while your beard tickles my clit, my pussy…. don’t hold back, even if I try to stop you, keep going, make me cum with your tongue.

I want to feel your thrust your cum deep inside me, dont worry, all protection is accounted for…bearded man, I have so many things I want to do you and I want you to do to me…come back soon

Naked in Bed

Lying naked in bed thinking about me, what specifically are you thinking about? Post a comment. I know you’re reading this.. (I’m sick with the flu, I see the text messages but by the time I wake up, I’m sure you’re half way through your day)

sexy dirty

Something I’ve been thinking about for awhile.  There is a difference between sexy crude and sexy dirty. Sexy dirty is hot, it makes one wet, its fun, its sexy and dirty. Sexy crude is rude, its a total turnoff for me.

Telling me to be naked and ready and that you have a lot of cum for me, to be honest is crude. Its not even remotely sexy. It doesn’t do anything for me. Also makes me want to not have anything to do with that person in general, I’m over it

Telling me you’re lying in bed thinking about me, is sexy dirty because it brings to life the reality of fantasy, I wonder what you’re doing while lying in bed thinking of me, I wonder what your bed looks and feels like. I can imagine you lying in bed, stroking your hard cock, thinking about me. I wonder if you have your toy out and are you stroking your ass with it. The fantasy takes shape, that simple statement, leaves me thinking of you lying in bed.


its been awhile…

its been awhile but I can’t stop thinking about you now. It was bound to be awkward after no intimacy for almost a year, I was unprepared for you, don’t get me wrong, I wanted you! I’ve wanted you since the beginning, but I’m out of practice in more ways than one. And you always seem to sneak up on me, which gets my heart racing, I have no idea why I never realize you’re in a room until you’re staring at me. I’ve wanted to feel your hard cock enter me and slowly dance until we were hot and sweaty, feeling you come deep inside me.  Reminds me of a song, you’re a cool drink of water that only comes out at night. The story isn’t over, there’s more still to be discovered. I want to find you in a darken doorway, push you up against a wall and tease you just a little bit before you get naked. I want to feel the excitement building up inside you, the power building up between us. I want to feel your tight ass in my hands, I want to be in control of you….