kisses on back

kisses on back
oh so wet
feeling you slide into me
need your sweet taste
mingling with my taste
upon my tongue
kisses on back
turns me on to no end
grabbing my head, playing with my hair
kissing deep, deeper
wanting, needing
delightful play
feeling you close
pushing deeper within
kneading my nipples from behind
kisses on back
easy, gently then
harder and deeper
you push within feeling you come
as my own orgasm
sweeps me along in sheer delight

the nipple

this was the first post, the beginning of discovering my erotic side, my erotic nature, my willingness to explore and become aware of who i was deep inside

and now i’m moving my archives over to from indecent to blogger, as I wish my original comments could come along, they seemed to have disappeared for the historical posts


originally posted 10-31-03…I woke up this morning so incredibly horny. I want D so badly, I haven’t been with him for over a month now and I miss his incredible sexual energy. I never thought I’d beg a man for sex. I want to feel his cock inside my pussy now! I want him to fuck me all night long. My toys and fingers just aren’t doing it, I want the real thing………let me back up a sec here..I met D about 5-6 months ago, we have this incredible passionate sexual relationship. We are so comfortable together and the sex is incredible..all night long, sweaty, animalistic, passionate sex! He has done things to me that made me realize what I want in a long term relationship someday. I love the feel of a cock in my ass but only if I completely trust my lover, I love the way that he helps me have an orgasm especially if he came too quickly, his fingers are incredibly talented. I love when he kisses and licks my back…totally turns me on. When he grabs and bites my nipples, sends me out of this world. I want to taste him again, I want to feel his come down my throat. The way he holds my head when we kiss, the passion of the kiss, the roughness of the kiss. I love the way he sounds when he is coming, he is so open to expressing his feelings, his passion. I want this everyday..I want to have sweaty passionate rough sex!! I want him to make love to me too, I want slow passionate sex!! I want to wake up to sex in the morning!! I want to be with someone that as soon as we see each other we can’t keep our hands off one another. I want someone that makes me so horny every time I think about him. But I also want more than just an occasional lover and a friend, I want a full-time lover in a long-term (marriage maybe) relationship.right now, I want D to fuck me! right now, I’m going to have to settle for a great erotic story and my vibrator before heading off to work.

original comments:

j – December 17th, 2003 Nice start! Keep up the good work! I’d love to hear more from you
her – December 17th, 2003 teehee i think we all feel that way from time to time