One week starts now

after all said and done and let it go, he’s not interested, why the hell am I still dreaming about him?

It was an odd dream, I went into the office to get some paperwork at midnight and there were people everywhere working, people that didn’t work there, working and printing and plotting and it was like a big party. I went over to his desk to remove the computer that I had left behind the other night and he came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me and told me I had one week so show him why we should be together. His hands traveled down to my waist, his warm hands teasing just a top of my jeans, his breath on my neck and I just stood there like what are you doing? there are people here! Then his boss, my client came up behind us and smiled, she knew, I think she had known all along. She asked me to check the printer since I was here that all of sudden it was taking a long time to plot and he didn’t pull back, his arms were still wrapped around me. I told her ok, I would check it out and then I turned around in his arms, kissed him on the cheek and said ok but you’ve gotta let me go for a minute so I can check the server. I turned around to his computer, logged into the server and couldn’t quite figure out what was running on the server besides the print jobs, something else was running in the background..ah ha, I remembered we had set the backups to run at midnight – no one was usually there at that time.

I had to go to the server to stop the backups, clear the print jobs that were stuck and while I was kneeling down to switch the monitor to the correct server, J came up behind, put his arms around and said I’ve always loved you you know. Damn, what was he doing here? I didn’t see him when I walked in. I pushed him away and told him he didn’t have that right anymore, he had left me for someone else. P saw the whole thing and looked like he was upset, he didn’t hear what I had told J. I fixed the server, told my client everything was ok and went back to P, wrapped my arms around him, kissed his neck and told him, ok one week starts now!

Then I woke up.