the studio

We walk into the studio, I want to show you where the lights will be and where I need the cable attached. “what’s the cable for?”

“Since this place has so many windows, sometimes, I’m going to want a little privacy when other people are going to be working in the house, so I thought I’d put curtains on a cable to pull close occasionally but let the air in.”

“Privacy for what?”

“Something like this.” I turn around and push you against the unfinished wall, push your hands up behind your head and lean against you, “am I invading your space again?” I ask breathlessly, a hint of mischeviousness, kissing you deeply. I can’t handle this watching, no touching policy anymore, I want you. I realized I want you, no one else and I don’t want to play games anymore.

My hands move down your chest, omg, finally touching your chest, your skin. I can feel your hard cock beneath your jeans, I want them off but we’re still exposed and as much as I like being on the verge of being caught, I don’t want to be caught by my employees, I want you to myself.

Its a muddle mess of hands touching each other exploring each other for the first time, touching and kissing each other for the first time, an urgent need to satisfy each other after months and months of frustrating just watching, no touching. You reach under my shirt and squeeze my breasts in your hands…..

**side note** author is having a smidgen of writer’s block..will continue the story soon

to be explored

Its been awhile since I’ve posted here but alot of changes since July, my sexy muse – she quietly escape for a hiatus of sorts but she’s back. There is a new enchantment waiting to hatch and yet writing about this new one seems to be providing quite a difficult task, its not that i’m not completely and utterly turned on by him because I am but I think there is quite a bit of exploration to be done before the words can escape my mind, my sexy muse is slowly waking up or maybe she’s just waiting for me to move forward to the new layout/location…she waits with bated breath as does my soul.

Yearning for more yet waiting patiently in the wings, she sits upon the door of the stars, gathering her dust to spread beneath the wind, the sun and the moon for sleep she will dream of her inspiration, by day and night she will experience her desires, feel his touch.

Touch me

I need you to touch me. I crave your touch. Is touching me off-limits? I know touching you is off-limts. Do you want to touch?

Next time you walk into the room when I’m getting dressed, come closer, alot closer. Put your hands on my breasts and touch me. Hold my breasts with your hands, squeeze my nipples with your thumbs, fondle my breasts. Touch me.

I’d love to feel your teeth on my nipples and your lips sucking my breasts. I’d love for you to cup my pussy with your hand and insert a finger or two and finger fuck me but that might be a little too much touching, a little too far beyond just touching.

Touch me.

oh yea baby fuck me harder

Thank you. Omg that was so intense. I was walking to the bedroom to get changed, my robe barely covering my ass, I didn’t notice him behind me so intently trying to figure out what I was going to wear that day, my mind thinking about too many things at once per usual. He pushed me against the wall and grabbed my neck almost like he couldn’t take it anymore, that look on my face that I just wanted to fuck him and fuck him hard. He didn’t give me a chance to react, to think before he pushed me into the bedroom and pushed me down on my knees, my bare ass sticking up in the air and before I knew it, his hard cock was pushing its way into my ass, harder, deeper, in and out, oh yea baby fuck me, fuck me harder. It like he was punishing me for all those attempts to seduce him and I wasn’t protesting. His fingers found my clit and started to pinch and pull at it, tweaking it hard, I was so wet and so close, I wanted to feel his hard cock in my pussy but he was holding me down with his weight, face down in the bed, I could barely think, let alone talk. Just as I about to cum, he pulled out. Oh no, don’t stop! He pulled me up and flipped me over, finding my nipples with his teeth, he bit them hard, his hard cock slide into my soaked pussy and his hands grabbed my neck, while my hands finally free slide down his ass, pulling him deeper into me, my fingers finding his ass and playing with it finally. Between his hard cock driving deeper and harder into my pussy and his teeth on my nipples, my fingers playing were they had been wanting to go for such a long time and his hands around my neck, I was pushed over the edge, hot and sweaty, I came in uncontrollable wave of sheer ectasy.

oh yea baby fuck me hard.

no touching the display

no touching the display

Everytime she saw him with his shirt off, she wanted to push him against the railing and run her teeth over his nipples, slide her hands down his belly and unbutton his jeans. She wanted to take his hard cock in her mouth right there and suck and lick to her hearts content but she could only watch and imagine because he had a no touching policy. It was like he was a display in a candy store and if she touched she might melt him. Her body twitched at the slight contact they had, her mouth watered at the thought of watching him masturbate, the slight wetness between her legs kept her thoughts from concentrating at the task at hand. She never quite got anything done while he was around and yet she worked madly at all her tasks, savoring the glimpse of his skin. She wanted to see more, she wondered what they could do without touching, an erotic pleasure of non touching one another made her imagination wander to new heights.

She wanted to paint him, cover his body in bodypaint with a paint brush, that wasn’t touching, only the paint brush would be touching his body. She wanted to paint swirls around his nipples, brush the brush against his cock, his ass and then have him lie down on a drop cloth to capture the image.

Wonder how else she could not touch?

Personal Playtime

As soon as the last employee walked out the door, my personal playtime began. I shimmed out of my jeans and thong, hoping you’d be online. I wanted to play with you so badly today, I wanted to watch you play. I sat for a moment enjoying the peace, fingers lazily rubbing my clit while I logged on, feeling my wetness that had been lingering there all day. As soon as I’d start to write this out, someone would be in my office and I had to put this on the backburner, all day in my mind, various storylines started and then stopped, frustration coursing through my being. I longed to be able to stick my fingers in my pussy but alas I had to wait and wait and wait. And so I sit here now, lazily playing with my clit, running my fingers up and down my swollen pussy, the rabbit standing by, ready for some action. My shirt and bra need to be taken out, I stop for a moment and pull my tshirt over my head and unhook my bra, my hands grabbing both breasts and kneading, fondling my nipples, squeezing and pulling, pinching harder and harder, bringing my nipples closer and closer to my tongue, almost but not quite can I lick my own nipples, imaging your teeth biting them hard and pulling them between your teeth, using a piece of ice to stimulate the feeling of a tongue brushing up against my harden nipples, my breast just seem to sensitive and round and firm today, I just want to feel them roughly played with, feel your hands on them. I know its only a fantasy that you’ll ever touch them but its all I got is my imagination today and the thought you of fucking my breasts with your hands is making me wetter. I leave my breasts alone for a moment, while I lazily move the ice down between my breasts, down my belly to my clit and imagine its your tongue bitting and nipping while I slowly put my rabbit in my pussy, my very very wet pussy, slowly turning the vibe on, level 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, as one finger lubricates my ass with my sweet nectar, don’t you wish you could taste it right now? Yum.

I ask what you are wearing, do you realize how much I want you to want to watch me play? I’m so willing and able to turn on the webcam for you right now for your own private pleasure and yet you don’t even ask and so I start to tell you what I’m imagining, I’m imagining you watching me while I watch you while I put the vibe in my ass but instead I hold the vibe with one hand and put one finger in my ass, then two while my other hand is around my neck, squeezing my throat. I don’t know what it is today but I have this desire to feel a hand around my throat while getting fucked and I imagine you cumming on my ass or cumming on my breasts, all over me while I watch but don’t touch. My mouth waters in anticpation.

I don’t know if it was the porn playing in the background or the thought of you sitting your green polka dotted boxers or my hand around my neck or just the thought you watching me while I watch you or the thought of watching you masturbate, seeing your precum at the top of your hard cock and imaging licking it off that made me want to put the vibe on level 10 right against my clit, pushing at the desk for leverage, fingers in my ass that caused that amazing explosive orgasm that has left me shivering, shaking and still so utterly wet.

I don’t know whether to go take a nap or just play again until I cum.

writing style

so I realized I’ve been using alot of third person writing instead of first person writing style, thought I’d see if I could change my style a little..might work, might not…and since at the moment I’m covertly writing this with my employees in the house – me getting all hot and horny right now might not be the best idea since it might leave me all frustrated…so on to the story…or maybe not, she’s in the room now..might have to wait til later to try out first person writing style

don’t touch

She handed him a slip of paper and told him to read it and then come into her bedroom in 5 minutes.

He watched her walk away, opened the slip of paper and read what she had written, “I don’t want you to touch, I want you to watch. I want you to come silently into the bedroom and sit on the chair and watch, don’t touch. If you feel like masturbating, then by all means go for it but if you start to cum, you have to cum on my ass. Don’t touch and don’t ask questions. Don’t think, just do it, now!”

He was full of questions, he couldn’t help himself, they had been playing a game of question/answer except he refused to answer any more of her questions until she ask the one question she said she had to ask when they saw each other again and she wouldn’t ask it.

He walked into her room as instructed and found her naked on her bed, her legs bent, one farther on the bed and she was facing away from him, her eyes closed, her ass and pussy exposed to him. One hand was lightly rubbing her swollen pussy lips and occasionally rubbing her clit. He sat down and watched for awhile silently as she rubbed her juices on her ass, back and forth between her pussy to her ass, a slow teasing torture of a slow song, was she testing him? What if he wanted to touch? She continued to go back and forth, lubricating her ass and then she put her finger in her ass. Oh, he was hard alright, he unbutton his shorts and took out his hard cock and started to stroke it lightly, he didn’t want to cum before she was finished. She went back to lubricating her ass some more with her juices. She started to finger herself, putting three fingers in her pussy, finger fucking herself slowly. Her other hand started to tweak her clit, pulling at it, twisting it and then she put two fingers, then three in her ass and started to fuck her ass. He was stroking his cock harder now, he longed to touch, to taste but he couldn’t touch, he couldn’t cheat and she knew that. Her eyes were closed, her breathing was labored and she was moaning, she was close and he was not that far away. In and out, her fingers plunged into her ass, faster now, in and out, oh my, she was fucking her ass with her fingers, god that was hot, her ass looked so delicious from his view. He couldn’t help himself, he stood up and leaned down onto the bed and came all over her lovely ass, never touching her.

As his cum spurted on her ass, she was so fucking turned on, that she came in a wave of leg shaking, heart stopping orgasm of pure delight. Her fingers felt so good in her ass but what she really wanted was to feel his hard cock pounding into her. She opened her eyes a few times to watch him masturbate, his eyes glued to her ass. Watching him masturbate while watching
her was so sexy. She watched him pump his cum on her ass and as he was finishing, she broke the silent, hoarsly whispering, “touch me, touch me now.”

his tools

she sat in the morning sunshine letting the heat warm her body, the wind like a tender caress against her exposed thigh, a slight tickle upon her hot warm pussy. Her eyes closed, she leans back and stretches, letting the wind dance along her body. Opening her legs a little wider to allow the cool wind to dance a little deeper, she begins to play with her nipples, pinching and pulling, her hands exposing her breasts to the sunshine.

Her pussy lips began to swell and she is beyond wet, as he watches her. She stares directly at him while sliding her fingers into her pussy, daring him to come closer but all he does is stare. Eyes closed, her fingers slide the length of her pussy, teasing her clit, cupping her pussy, sliding more fingers in and out, slick with her cum, a delicious foreplay as she feels his eyes boring holes into her skin. She moans, fingers furiously rubbing her clit, she wants to feel his tongue licking, sucking, biting but all he does is watches.

She momentarily opens her eyes to find him watching, his hard cock rising, the tip straining against his shorts to be let free. She stares for a moment, licks her lips and then reaches down to grab the nearest hard round solid object, his hammer. She closes her eyes again and begans to tease him, sliding his hard hammer up and down her swollen pussy. Squirming down in her seat a little further, she starts to push the hammer further and deeper inside herself, slowly as the wind caresses her thighs, his eyes burning into her soul.

Slowly sliding the hammer in and out, longer slower withdrawals hitting just the right spot, her fingers once again find her clit, rubbing furiously back and forth while she holds the hammer into her pussy, her juices trickling down to her ass. Eyes closed, head thrown back, waves and waves of delicious orgasm hit her body as the winds danced upon her temple and he watches, savoring her private moment, completely and utterly meant for him.

he can’t believe she is masturbating right there in front of him, she said she would but he didn’t think she’d actually do it and she said she had when they were talking but he didn’t think she actually was doing it. He is so rock hard but no way is he going to masturbate out there in the open. He licks his lips, he wants to taste but he doesn’t want to disturb the moment or the show. Omg, she’s grabbed the hammer, what the hell is going to do with that? Oh!

(author note: I think he needs to finish the story. And definetly she should play with his tools some more)