out with the old, in with the new…

I have two guys flirting with me both of whom I find incredibly sexy and cute..but one I thought had a girlfriend and one I work with..well actually both I work with but one works inhouse and one is my vendor..here’s the funny thing

the vendor..DF…came over to my house to look at my computer..and we both know damn well that I know how to open my computer and look inside it..I’m an computer geek..was he checking out my house? I know he was flirting with me..but what gives..girlfriend or not?

the guy in house..MJ..is calling me spike now.which I think from what I’ve heard is an endearing term he uses and wants to go out to dinner…

and there’s a third guy..RP…

I’m so incredibly horny at this point..whom do I choose..whoever makes the first move?

original comments
Logical – January 24th, 2004Trust your insticts. Go with the one that makes the first move, and don’t worry about the girlfriend unless you want it to last.
ourbedroom_him – January 24th, 2004vendor sounds like the better choice — if it doesn’t work out 100% at least you don’t work with him 8 hours a day! On the other hand, who says you have to choose? Why not try all three?

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