twas the night before

I promised a story, so a story it shall be. 

Twas the night before christmas and all through the house, not a creature stirred except for my vibe, that little humming sound pleasantly filling my need. The stockings were hung by the fire with care with the hopes that many new toys would brighten my day. All of a sudden, I thought I heard the garage door open with such a clutter and bang, who could be there, no one knew the code. Jumping out of bed, i flew through the house, naughty as could be,  not a thought to my state of undress. Lo and behold, there stood santa’s helper all wrapped in a bow.  

And what a sight to see, blond scruffy hair, twinkling blue eyes, tattoos in just the right places, a ass to die for, strong arms, big hands and hard cock standing at attention. A chill rang through the air as I turned to flee, santa’s helper chuckled as he caught me by the arm, pulling me towards him as he dropped to his knees. His tongue dancing circles upon my clit as a shiver ran down my spine. I swear I heard jingle bells as I closed my eyes and next thing I knew he had transported us to bed. As I opened my eyes, I was on my back, his head buried between my legs.

to be continued..

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