It was one of those mornings, I got up early because I had an appt with a new client. I was wandering through the house naked, getting the coffee going, feeding the cats, you know the boring mudane morning rituals and I heard the garage door open, shit, did the damn thing decide to open by itself again? I ran to the back to grab my robe which was all tangled up in a pile and headed back towards the kitchen to check out what was going on.

SURPRISE!!! the last person, I expected to see standing in my garage was C. Not that it was a bad thing, quite the contrary, it was a great to see him but I thought he was mad at me or something. We had been talking online and then all of sudden he just stopped, so I assumed he was mad at me again. I swear my heart jumped out of my chest, I was really surprised, I like surprises but when you first wake up, I was startled.

After leaving him waiting in the bedroom, shaking like a leaf, interesting he was nervous, he had a plan I know he must have and of course I was all gentlemanly and asked him what he wanted. Now smack myself across the head, here I had a willing viable gorgeous man in my room and I didn’t attack him, months and months of not having sex and I asked him what he wanted..what was I thinking? Well I know what I was thinking, any other morning, I would have just been late or blown off the day but I had already rescheduled with this particular person and I need the money and I couldn’t be late, so I regrouped my thoughts and went back to the bedroom….and he just wanted to watch.. (in retrospect, I should have blown off that particular person period)

..all these months of fantasizing about him with his head buried between my legs, his teeth biting my clit, his fingers probing my ass and he just wanted to watch me play with myself ? 🙁 which by the way I haven’t done much of lately either for that matter…

…so he watched and masturbated but at least I got to touch this time……..

..what I should have done was push the boy back on the bed, slowly take off his clothes, tease him, make him beg for more and rode his hard cock til I was shaking like a leaf….

or laid down opposite of him and rolled over so he could bury his head between my legs and I could take his hard cock in my mouth, deep and taste him…..

but no, none of these scenarios happened, he just watched while I played with myself …

and when I’m nervous I say the stupidest things…….


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