dreaming of you

Is it wrong to pretend it’s you when I’m with him? If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine its your hands on my body……almost but not quite, he unlike you, stops and doesn’t let me get there. You I know would bite me in just the right places and bring me to the brink of exquiste taste, he just doesn’t, no other words to describe, its not good, its not you. You would make me beg for it, make me beg you to fuck me hard and when I say don’t stop, you might tease me but you would only pound into me harder and deeper until I came shaking, screaming out with delight, he on the other hand only cares about his pleasure and stops leaving me wanting, needing more…

lying on my bed, imagining you behind me, pulling me to my knees, feeling you touch my ass, feeling your tongue sliding up and down, pressing against my ass, your fingers rubbing my clit, pinching me, just a little pain with pleasure, begging you to not stop, begging you for more, begging for your hard cock in my ass, begging you to bite, begging for more….

if I close my eyes, I can almost pretend its you, almost but not quite

is it bad, that I pretend its you when I’m with him?

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