sexy dirty

Something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. ┬áThere is a difference between sexy crude and sexy dirty. Sexy dirty is hot, it makes one wet, its fun, its sexy and dirty. Sexy crude is rude, its a total turnoff for me.

Telling me to be naked and ready and that you have a lot of cum for me, to be honest is crude. Its not even remotely sexy. It doesn’t do anything for me. Also makes me want to not have anything to do with that person in general, I’m over it

Telling me you’re lying in bed thinking about me, is sexy dirty because it brings to life the reality of fantasy, I wonder what you’re doing while lying in bed thinking of me, I wonder what your bed looks and feels like. I can imagine you lying in bed, stroking your hard cock, thinking about me. I wonder if you have your toy out and are you stroking your ass with it. The fantasy takes shape, that simple statement, leaves me thinking of you lying in bed.


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